Produced by: Glass Kindgom Films - Feature Film completed  2013

Writer - Director: Annika Glac : Cinematographer: Marcus Struzina

Blanka: Kasia Mazurek, Tomasz Borkowski, Olgiert Lukasiewcz 

bunny::  vulnerable, soft, sweet, fluffy, sexy, creative. Blanka, an out of work actress 

fox: clever, tricky, witty, sly loner, hunter. Alex, a lonely misfit looking for a place to start a new life.

are you sitting down?because this is quiet a tale

about a bunny and a fox, about the mistakes we make, the lies we tell, love letters we write, the love we search for and the strangly unexpected places we find it. A handsome killer in a fox costume falls in love with a seemingly innocent bunny but he made a mistake that could destroy their world and now he will do anything do cover his tracks. How did these two strangers end up teaming up as the bunny and the fox handing out pamphlets for an insurance company? Simple, their story intertwined long before they ever met, with a brutal mistake which Alexander is now desperate to hide.  Two people intertwined in one destiny.


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